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AB Biotek invests heavily in research and development working with research institutes and universities around the world. This ongoing investment ensures we continue to deliver new and innovative products to our customers.

Furthermore, AB Biotek’s Sydney Technical Centre (STC) in Australia undertakes a number of research projects in beverage yeast. It is home to a talented team of microbiologists, fermentation scientists, researchers, analytical specialists and oenologists. They provide valuable service to all AB Biotek operations through benchmarking and process improvement programmes; the net result being the ongoing development of superior yeast strains for the fermentation industry.


AB Biotek understands the necessity to deliver cutting edge technologies and new and improved products. We continuously undertake R&D to improve the capabilities of our yeast range and fermentation aids. We will continue to develop novel yeast strains and innovative products that meet our customer’s needs. We aim to be the preferred supplier of active dry yeast to the wine and beverage industry by providing high quality yeast and technical support.


AB Biotek undertakes ongoing applied research on its yeast strains to gain further insight for winemakers on how yeast strain behaviour and fermentation characteristics are affected in the surrounding grape juice environment. This research includes the discovery of which strains utilise assimilable nitrogen more rapidly during fermentation, the ethanol production from each of our strains, and which strains are more efficient at converting malic acid toward the end of fermentation (hence lowering malolactic bacteria fermentation times) if required at all.


Maurivin is proud to introduce its new range of Next Generation wine yeast. There are two major portfolios of interest for winemakers:

  • Yeast with low production levels of hydrogen sulphide (H₂S) to eliminate reductive characters in winemaking and maximise varietal aroma and flavour
  • Hybrid yeast to improve complexity and mouth-feel in wine

The Next Generation yeasts offer winemakers a unique set of tools with significantly different winemaking properties to existing yeast strains. We encourage all winemakers to trial and see for themselves the increased benefits of Maurivin Next Generation yeast.

Customer Partnerships

At AB Biotek, we seek to develop strategic partnerships with our customers. Our partnership activity encompasses bespoke product development, contract production and technical support packages to support our customers in their wine fermentation processes. We recognise that our specially-developed wine yeast products can deliver significant value to our customers but, in addition, our own fermentation know-how in partnership with that of our customers can deliver step-change results. We are actively working with our wine industry customers who are leaders in their respective markets on projects which are focused on adding significant value to their businesses. With extensive industry experience and knowledge, AB Biotek is well recognised as having unique capabilities.

Technology Partnerships

As a world leader in wine yeast technology, yeast production and fermentation know-how, we believe that AB Biotek can be a strong partner to the independent bio-tech community, bio-tech industry operators and national/international institutes working in the wine sector. We continue to work on developing new products via our own R&D teams but recognise that the pace and breadth of consumer demand requires product development in a wider research and development community and at a faster pace than ever before. At AB Biotek, we actively encourage technology partnering for wine customer solutions and work on a global basis with renowned institutes and universities.

Research Information

These Research Information sheets have been designed to help the winemaker make informed decisions about strain choice, as well as the amount and timing of nitrogen additions during fermentation.

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