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About Us

AB Biotek provides winemakers with an extensive portfolio of wine ingredient solutions and applications expertise. Our historical global leadership in yeast and fermentation science has expanded to include a wider range of oenological technologies such as yeast, tannins, bacteria, enzymes, fermentation aids and polysaccharides. Our scientists, in partnership with our own wine experts and external partners, constantly strive to develop new and better choices for winemakers that enable them to create the style and quality of wines their customers enjoy consistently.

As a primary technology producer, our business and reputation with our customers is of primary importance and our development and production facilities meet the highest global quality standards required. We have a very clear approach to work closely with our customers and aim to be the preferred supplier for their wine ingredients requirements.

Our Brands

Our Pinnacle and Maurivin branded ingredients have been selected for specific fermentation and flavour development that winemakers desire as well as for enabling the creation of iconic and innovative wines.

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