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Pinnacle wine yeast and associated wine ingredient products have been specifically developed to provide multiple technology and process solutions to wine producers operating in a market where the traditions of craftsmanship and heritage now meet the future challenges of changing consumer tastes, climate volatility and viticultural practices. 

The focus of the Pinnacle range is to offer winemakers a premium standard of fermentation performance to produce the wines their customers love, more consistently than before, in this new age.

The experience and knowledge which has created the Pinnacle range has been gathered over 150 years of operations in fermentation and multiple ingredients technologies worldwide with support from world-renowned wine research institutions.

Wine Yeast and Ingredients

Consumers are constantly looking for new experiences and this trend in wine is increasing demand for bold and improved flavours and aroma complexity – but without negative characteristics. 

The Pinnacle range is an innovative and enabling source of complete solutions tailored for today’s taste trends and the increasing impacts on winemaking through climate change, changing viticultural practices, adoption of new grape varieties and changes in winery technology and throughput requirements.

wine yeast

For premium winemakers to produce their styles of wine they need a yeast portfolio that has been researched and selected to deliver the technical depth to produce aromas and flavours consistent with the terroir, the capability to deliver premium wine styles, and the resilience to withstand the greater stress tolerance encountered in today’s winemaking environment.

wine ingredients

Winemakers are looking for consistency of performance in fermentation, and post-fermentation phases including process efficiency, colour development, and organoleptic delivery to meet the new trends in wine for improved flavour and aroma.

The Pinnacle wine ingredients range of yeast, tannins, bacteria, enzymes, fermentation aids and polysaccharides has been created to enhance, correct and improve fermentation and post-fermentation activity so that the resulting desired wine styles are of premium quality for consumers to enjoy and value every time.

AB Biotek has specifically developed the Pinnacle wine ingredients range to be the winemaker’s choice for complete formulations for premium wines with minimal fuss and ease of use in the winery.

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