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AB Biotek invests heavily in research and development working with research institutes and universities around the world. This ongoing investment ensures we continue to deliver new and innovative products to our customers across our platforms of wine ingredients.

AB Biotek’s Global Technology Centre (Sydney, Australia) is our own specialist hub for yeast and fermentation know-how. Our talented team of microbiologists, fermentation scientists, researchers, analytical specialists and oenologists provide valuable service to AB Biotek operations, the net result being the ongoing development of superior multi-technology solutions for the wine industry.

Our Portfolio

Product Development & Innovation

AB Biotek R&D teams understand the necessity to deliver to the wine industry cutting edge solutions via new improved products that can make a difference. Our historical success as a yeast producer has been built on a mindset of continuous improvement in what we do and how we do it with a strong focus on delivering consistently meaningful and empowering solutions to our customers. This philosophy extends to our wider portfolio. Ultimately we aim to be the preferred supplier of wine ingredients for our customers.

Technology Partnerships

As a global leader in the production of wine yeast technologies and their application we believe that AB Biotek can be a strong partner to the independent biotech community, biotech industry operators and national/international institutes working in the wine sector. We continue to work on developing new products via our own R&D teams but recognise that the pace and breadth of consumer demand requires product development in a wider research and development community and at a faster pace than ever before. At AB Biotek we actively encourage technology partnering for wine customer solutions and work on a global basis with renowned institutes and universities.

Technical Research

Our wine technologists undertake ongoing applied research on our products (current and new) to gain further insights on how our ingredients influence fermentation in the surrounding grape juice environment and post-fermentation how they can help deliver organoleptic and colour improvement. In yeast, for example, this research includes the discovery of which strains utilise assimilable nitrogen more rapidly during fermentation, the ethanol production from each of our strains and which strains are more efficient at converting malic acid toward the end of fermentation (hence lowering malolactic bacteria fermentation times) if required at all.

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