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Active Dry Yeast

Active dry wine yeast comes in a convenient and easy-to-handle granulated form that offers a long shelf life when stored under vacuum at ambient temperatures. Winemakers across the industry prefer this form of yeast, as it induces the onset of rapid, reliable and consistent fermentation.

Experience has shown that wine and beverage quality is significantly affected by the strain of yeast conducting the fermentation. Thus, important quality parameters such as volatile acidity, hydrogen sulphide production, aromatic character and dryness of fermentation can be determined by the strain used. Proven selections of active dry wine and beverage yeast strains of high purity and quality reduce the risk of uncertainty associated with indigenous fermentation.


Contract Production

AB Biotek offers winemakers our high quality branded products and select customers the opportunity to have their wine yeast strains proprietary produced.


In order to provide the wine and beverage industry with appropriate strains for fermentation, AB Biotek’s broad range of strains have been selected at our Sydney Technical Centre (STC) in Australia to reduce the risk of uncertainty, and are suitable for nearly all fermentation processes.

The maurivin™ range of wine yeast is renowned for its high quality, purity and performance, and is preferred by winemakers across the globe for the production of quality wines. The strains on this page have been selected based on stringent criteria in fermentation performance and their suitability for current wine making styles.

Yeast strains

To assist you in identifying which yeast strain is most suitable for your desired application, please refer to our online Product Information sheets.

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If you require assistance in choosing a yeast strain please contact our expert technical sales advisors: wineinfo@abbiotek.com

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